Early-stage investing that goes beyond funding, partnering with entrepreneurs to structure and position their companies for capital, scale, and growth.


I’m an early-stage investor because there’s essential work to be done at this phase. It’s more than funding—it’s structuring and positioning a company for capital, scale, and growth. It’s also preparing a company to weather the scrutiny of due diligence.

To achieve these ends, I partner with entrepreneurs to develop and maintain meticulous business practices—from financial projections to capitalization tables to pitch decks—which is key to securing capital. I’m also adept at all phases of fundraising, and help entrepreneurs navigate this process and anticipate next steps.


I believe in businesses built to thrive, and I invest and advise accordingly. I’m diligent and intentional with investments—a great idea is important, but rigorous execution is imperative. That’s why I value both long-term vision and day-to-day performance; a successful business needs a two-year strategy, as well as a plan for what they’re doing next week. I also take great pride in a rewarding partnership, built on a passion for collaboration and finding joy in work.


I invest in companies from a variety of industries, from eSports to novel manufacturing processes to social media marketing. My scope isn’t limited to any sector; I readily immerse myself in new industries, taking time to understand the nuances of each business. I also partner with entrepreneurs spanning a wide array of backgrounds and experience, though I particularly enjoy working with entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities.  Success comes to those who blaze new trails, ignite their passion, and bring fresh ideas to life.

I’m thrilled to be involved with these remarkable, innovative companies:

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I’m not a philanthropist. I’m a partner. Investing in and empowering entrepreneurs isn’t a side project, it’s my profession—as well as a passion, a priority, and a privilege.

I spent nearly 20 years as an analyst and investment manager in fiduciary roles, so I’m adept at due diligence, including evaluating a company’s business practices and prospects. I also founded Walrus Tooth Care, an investor-backed personal care products company, so I’ve walked in entrepreneurial shoes. And I’m an informed investor, continually engaging with a variety of early-stage entrepreneurs to understand their challenges and goals, and with other investors to stay abreast of key industry issues and topics.

I’m a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and member of the Central Texas Angel Network, Puget Sound Ventures, and Pipeline Angels.  I’m based in Seattle but value my deep ties to the Austin community and relationships with founders nationwide.


If you’re an entrepreneur interested to learn more about Pique Ventures and my process, please reach out.  If you’re an angel or considering angel investing and would like to know more about my journey, please also reach out.  I’d love to hear from you.

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